English day

2009-03-20 @ 17:41:20
Hi like you see i talking english now :)
Emilia(my best friend) and I are trying to talk english the hole evening so yes I must write in english to so if I spell wrong don´t be suprise beacuse I am don´t so good at english.
Today Emilia and I will go to "Gården" and then I will slep over at her house :)
In the school it is normal except for the libery beacuse they are giving free books beacuse they are to old and broken. So guess what is in my locker??? :)
Emilias mum are going to do chivapchichi so every thing is great :) (I love civapchichi)

Love ELD

Twilight, New moon, Eclipse och breaking dawn......

2009-03-18 @ 16:45:26
   Dom är gudomligt bra!!!!!!
   Absolut en av mina topp 3 i bästa bok någonsin                 

   Älskar dom, Älskar dom, Älskar dom Älskar dom.......
  Det finns allt, kärlek, "skräck", spänning, sorgligt, oförutsigbar, övernaturligt mm                                                                                                    

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